Friday, June 19, 2009

Just what we needed - new TSA rules

News from United:

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has announced the implementation of the Secure Flight program. This program is intended to enhance the security of domestic and international air travel for all passengers through the use of improved TSA watch-list matching, as well as reduce the instances of passenger misidentification.

In accordance with this new policy, United® will be making changes to its reservation process that you, as a valued member of Mileage Plus®, should become familiar with.

How will Secure Flight affect you?

In the coming months, United will begin to request the following information from all customers when making a reservation:
  • Full name (first and last, as it appears on the non-expired, government-issued photo ID you will present at the airport)
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Redress number (if one exists)*
If you use a travel agency or an online booking agent to purchase a ticket, you may be asked to provide all of the above information; including your full legal name, as it appears on your non-expired, government-issued photo ID.

Please note the importance of the name on your ticket matching exactly the name on the ID you will present at the airport.


JamaGenie said...

On my last flight on United, I was treated so rudely that I refuse to ever "fly United" again. The last straw was the employee in the waiting area at the gate at O'Hare who couldn't be bothered to tell me the gate had been changed while I was in the restroom. So I waited for 20 more minutes and by the time I learned of the change, they'd already stopped boarding at the correct gate. It's not like the woman didn't know which flight I was waiting for. She said I'd been paged several times. I have a very distinctive last name, have heard every possible way it can be butchered on a PA system, and there was NO page that day. I took a shuttle bus to my destination instead.

Can't imagine how much a trip on United can get screwed up with new regs.

Mark O'Neill said...

I've had my issues with United. But, I'm not sure they are worse than other US airlines. Delta takes the biscuit for me, after they left me stranded at the gate in Atlanta for being *one minute* late to board a transatlantic flight, when the delay was due to my inbound Delta flight from Austin being delayed. They had promised to make the connection. But: Travellers Tip - I got a very cheap room at the very nice Peachtree Marriot by asking for the "stranded Delta travelers rate". I was clearly not the first person who this had happened to.

JamaGenie said...

This is a scenario that's always puzzled me. The airline knows it's their fault that your connecting flight is late, they know when that plane will land, they promise to hold the second plane, and then don't. Where's the logic in that?

Nice that you got a great discount on the hotel room (and hope you were reimbursed!), but not everyone's travel plans ( or wallet) can handle a day's delay.

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