Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Guy lives on Airtran planes for a month

You know that guy who got a job blogging from Hamilton Island near the Great Barrier Reef?. Well, this might be the opposite of that: a guy is spending a month flying AirTran flights around the US, blogging and (ugh) tweeting as he goes.

Now, I have spent about a week of my life on Hamilton Island, and probably also about a week on AirTran flights. I can safely say that even though AirTran has friendly staff (once an AirTran pilot let my son sit in the pilot seat after the plane landed) and low fares (especially from Boston to BWI), flying for a month is not something I'd be blogging happily about.

And these have to be the most unconvicing Twitter posts ever:

"Got up at 4:30am. I thankfully feel great."

"Having an incredible time. "

and the clincher:
"Just did "Fox & Friends" on Fox News. Lots of fun"



JamaGenie said...

And the guy's point would be??

Mark O'Neill said...

That's a good question. I guess he is trying to prove that it's possible to write annoying perky Twitter and blog posts even after a month spent flying AirTran.

JamaGenie said...

Wouldn't a "Get over fear of flying" therapy group be cheaper and less hassle? Personally, being a passenger for 30 days straight would make me never want to see the inside of a plane again...and I love to fly!