Monday, May 30, 2011

Sydney's seemingly useless monorail

I've always wondered about this monorail, everytime I visit Sydney. What is the purpose of it? The distance it travels can be easily walked. Even the old trolleys in San Francisco have legitimate usage to avoid walking up Nob Hill. It just baffles me.

The monorail in question:

One of the stations, at Darling Harbour:

Looks like some people have trouble finding the door?

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Emirates Airbus A380 Dubai to London

Recently I flew Emirates from Dubai to London. One of the highlights of the flight was the inflight video. Compared to other in-seat video I've seen, it is more widescreen, and sharper.

Here is the view from the tail camera before take-off at DXB:

Here is the video showing the location of the plane:

Here is the same tail camera, in the air:

Here's the plane location map, in Arabic (of course it is also presented in English, but Arabic makes for a better screenshot):

Here is the flight information screen:

And finally, here is the landing in London:

All in all, this provided some diversion on a long long flight. I also watched a bunch of films on the flight, and revisited Emirates excellent "Every top 10 on the UK charts for the last 30-odd years" archive.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

When in Detroit...

Thanks to Enterprise for upgrading me on a recent trip to Detroit. This Chrysler was a really good car and it looks like they really are making world class cars now. Good to see an American car that is unashamably American too.