Saturday, September 6, 2008

What happens when a mother and three kids are bumped from an international flight (with onward connections)

This tale of travel woe in the Jerusalem Post is unusual since, as the author says, "Airline policy is to first ask for volunteers when a flight is overbooked. This was not done."


In a firm voice, the Swiss Air supervisor told her they had taken the four of them off the flight to Zurich due to overbooking. It wasn't that she arrived late, nor the absence of the boarding passes, simply that El Al, which was operating the flight, needed four seats for its platinum frequent flier members, and Hana and her three kids matched the required number.

Pleading with the supervisor, she pointed out that she was not flying just to Zurich, but connecting to Chicago. Her pleas were to no avail.

"You've been bumped," she was told. "So let's discuss your compensation."

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