Wednesday, September 17, 2008

More Ryanair news - You can't make this stuff up

Three quite bizarre Ryanair news items, courtesy of Bernd Biege at

- A can of mushroom soup, being stored in overhead luggage on a Ryanair flight, spilt down on top of someone who happened to be allergic to mushroom soup. According to the Guardian, "a passenger on a Ryanair flight from Budapest to Dublin needed medical treatment after a jar of soup leaked in an overhead locker, dripping onto his face. The man suffered swelling to his neck and struggled to breathe, forcing the aircraft to be diverted to Frankfurt, in Germany."

- And not only did Michael O'Leary make an off-colour reference in a news conference to the kind of "B&B" service to be offered on potential transatlantic flights (and I don't mean "Bed and Breakfast" service), but then Ryanair put out a press release about how it was a most-watched clip on YouTube.

- And, least bizarre of all, there was suspected hanky-panky in the cockpit of a Ryanair flight, as reported in the Sunday Times and relayed by Bernd Biege.

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