Monday, August 25, 2008

Muscat Oman - Day 5: Beach and Mountains

Just south of Muscat, there are some beautiful beaches and rugged mountains. Many resorts are sprouting up here, such as the Shangri-La Barr Al Jissah Resort, which would suit families or couples. In fact, an ideal family holiday in the region would combine the natural beauty of Oman with the excitement of Dubai. When in Muscat on holiday, it makes a lot of sense to stay at one of the new resorts south of the city, and then from there make trips into the city to view the Sultan's Palace and Mutrah Souk.

To give a flavour, here is a beach near a dive center south of Muscat, where you can rent or buy scuba, canoeing, or snorkeling equipment:


The beaches are quiet, with clear water and the ever-present backdrop of dusty, rugged hills.

Beach in Oman

If you drive up into the hills, you see the white buildings of Muscat in the distance:


No prizes for guessing where the beach is here....


If you stay north of Muscat (between the airport and Muscat) a good option is the Chedi Spa and Hotel.

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