Monday, June 28, 2010

Renting a car in Boston Logon Airport when you have a Massachusetts Drivers License

Recently I was told by Enterprise Rent-a-car in Boston Logan Airport that "no car rental company at Logan Airport will rent to Massachusetts residents". This always seemed to be a strange rule to me, and meant they leave money on the table. Plus, when I needed to rent a car on a Sunday evening, nowhere else was available.

So anyway, I discovered that Avis does rent from Boston Logan Airport to Massachusetts license-holders. So they got my business - a 2-day rental - and they get my business for this week's trip to Washington DC, a trip I would normally have used Enterprise for. Thank you Avis.


Beverly said...

Nice to know that there are companies like Avis... Fair and just.

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mintradz said...

You can also ask for the assistance of your travel insurance provider if ever you are out on a travel and you need an assistance regarding renting a vehicle.

June said...

I do agree with "mintradz" that you can take help from travel insurance provider, they provide you a tour guide which helps you in finding the best accommodation and place from where you can hire a vehicle.

Unknown said...

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Saim said...

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Car rental said...

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