Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Rendezvous Observatory Hotel on Scarborough Beach in Perth, Western Australia

I stayed recently at the Rendezvous Observatory Hotel which is right on Scarborough Beach, in the north of Perth, Western Australia. The hotel is your standard resort-style hotel, in terms of architecture:

Outside the hotel is the beach, shown here with people playing volleyball:

In the morning the beach is cleaned:

Here is the view from my hotel room:

And here is the view down Scarborough Beach Road looking towards the hotel, framed by the setting sun. The sunsets are quite amazing there, on the Indian Ocean.

All in all I liked the hotel, but I was amazed to spend $25 AUD a day to connect to the Internet on a poor WiFi connection which didn't work from the room, only from the lobby and bar area. Parking was a reasonably $7 AUD a day. The hotel is near surf shops, car rental, a Subway for sandwiches, a convenience store at a local petrol station, and some restaurants. It's easy to find by car. However, a taxi there from the airport was an amazing $50 AUD [I'd assumed it would be cheaper, and then thought I was being ripped off. But it turns out that is the correct fare].

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